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Bloggers: The new Revolutionaries

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Change “pamphlet” to “blog” and see what you think:

Then, as now, it was seen that the pamphlet allowed one to do things that were not possible in any other form:

The pamphlet [George Orwell, a modern pamphleteer has written] is a one-man-show. One has complete freedom of expression, including, if one chooses, the freedom to be scurrilous, absuive and seditious; or, on the other hand, to be more detailed, serious and “high-brow” than is ever possible in a newspaper or in most kinds of periodicals. At the same time, since the pamphlet is always ashort and unbound, it can be produced much more quickly than a book, and in principle, at any rate, can reach a bigger public. Above all, the pamphlet does not have to follow any prescribed pattern. It can be in prose or in verse, it can consist largely of maps or statistics or quotations, it can take the form of a story, a fable, a letter, an essay, a dialogue or a piece of “reportage.” All that is required of it is that it shall be topical, polemical, and short.

–Historian Bernard Bailyn
quoting George Orwell (yes, that George Orwell) in
Image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Edmund_Burke_caricature_1790.jpg

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