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Its you’re brand out their, please get it write

26 February 2010 · 2 comments

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I’ll be the first to admit that my grammar’s not always perfect. In the rush to get things written, sometimes my brain disconnects from my typing fingers and something other than what I meant ends up on the published page. (My brain and fingers have some serious debates about homophones.)

But seriously, folks.

There is a difference between it’s and its.
There is a difference between your and you’re.
There is a difference between than and then.
There is a difference between there and their and they’re.

While you may dismiss some of those errors as a product of increasingly casual media or poetic license, not everyone does. Yes, sometimes it’s clear that, like me, your brain and fingers weren’t getting along. But it’s hard not to notice a consistent misuse of words.

What you write, and how, says something about you. Your level of care in how you express yourself often speaks more about you than the words themselves. It may not matter to you, but it may matter to people who matter to you: customers, prospects, friends, potential business partners.

So pay attention. And if you don’t know the rules—if you’re not sure—find out. Get it right.

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  • Yes! So unbelievable to me sometimes. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, everything about you needs to be professional, including your grammar. Everybody can make mistakes, and I don't hold it against people for a blog post every once in a while, but if you are pitching me for your services and your slideshow has grammatical errors? C'mon…

  • Amen. As my high school art teacher would often tell me: you have to *know* what the rules are in order to break them.

    Anything else comes off as ignorance, or carelessness, or worse. And none of those are attributes most of us would want to have associated with ourselves.

    Thanks for commenting!

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